• Unique Opportunity with Highland Grain!

    Unique Opportunity with Highland Grain! Highland Grain is looking for a CEO as part of its succession and development strategy due to the retirement of the current Chief Executive in early 2019. For further details, see: Advert for Chief Executive Jan 2018

  • 2017, The 40th Harvest at Tore!

    2017, The 40th Harvest at Tore! The central grain drying and storage plant at Tore was built and commissioned in 1977/8 by the Black Isle Grain Group, with only three x 300 tonne green silos and four x 1100 tonne dry storage silos. Amalgamating with Easter Ross Grain in 1992, the merged business and site […]

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Quality Ethos

Storage - Highland GrainAll Members of Highland Grain are required to be fully approved under either of the Scottish Quality Crops or Red Tractor farm assurance schemes. All procedures are in place and documented for grain collection from farms, through intake and handling at the plant, and finally to our customers. These procedures received official accreditation to the Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops in early 1999, and this accreditation has been confirmed annually thereafter.  This ensures complete traceability from crop production through first process at Highland Grain.  This complete traceability and analysis is provided to all customers, as required.

Highland Grain Ltd has also operated its ISO9001 quality systems since 1998, which supports its delivery of a high quality product to customer contract specification.

Highland Grain Ltd is very conscious of its environmental obligations and since 2000 has held an operating certificate under the Environmental Management system, ISO 14001, which is continually reviewed and updated to employ any worthwhile initiatives to help preserve our unique environment.

The Moray Firth is a particularly attractive area with the soft, fertile land near the coast merging rapidly with the cooler uplands and the higher, exposed hills within a few miles. This gives rise to a unique environment, supporting a wide range of animal, bird and plant species. The farmers in the Moray Firth have always been excellent guardians of their environment with, in particular, very high bird populations being recorded in many areas, especially on the Black Isle.